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Welcome to our Workshops, where creativity and teamwork come to life! We offer exciting sessions on soap making and candle crafting that are fun and imaginative!! Whether you want to join us at our studio or pick your own location, our workshops guarantee a memorable experience where everyone can learn, create, and bond.

What We Offer:

  1. Soap Making: Immerse yourselves in the art of crafting exquisite soaps. Our expert-led workshops teach the intricacies of blending fragrances, selecting botanicals, and molding unique soaps that reflect your team's style.

  2. Candle Crafting: Ignite your creativity through hands-on candle making. Discover the science and art behind creating beautiful candles.

Why Choose Our Workshops:

  • Team Bonding: Forge stronger connections in a refreshing and creative setting.

  • Inspired Thinking: Break free from routine and stimulate innovation by embracing artistic endeavors.

  • Hands-On Learning: Regardless of experience, every participant enjoys a fulfilling hands-on experience guided by skilled instructors.

  • Unforgettable Events: From team-building to birthday celebrations, our workshops add a touch of charm and lasting memories.

  • Flexible Options: Choose our studio or your preferred location, and we'll ensure a seamless and enriching workshop.

Our workshops are suitable for kids (Age 8 and up) as well as adults! We hold private workshops with min 6 pax. Contact us today to get more details!